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Disease Vector Ecology Profiles

DVEP Overview

Disease Vector Ecology Profiles (DVEPs) summarize unclassified literature on medically important arthropods, vertebrates and plants that may adversely affect troops in specific countries or regions of the world. Primary emphasis is on the epidemiology of arthropod-borne diseases and the bionomics and control of disease vectors. DVEPs have proven to be of significant value to commanders, medical planners, preventive medicine personnel, and particularly medical entomologists. These people use the information condensed in DVEPs to help plan and implement prevention and control measures to protect deployed forces from disease, injury, and annoyance caused by vectors and pests. Because the DVEP target audience is also responsible for protecting troops from venomous animals and poisonous plants, as well as zoonotic diseases for which arthropod vectors are unknown, limited material is provided on poisonous snakes, noxious plants, and rodent-borne diseases such as leptospirosis.


Disease Vector Hazard Reports

Vector Hazard Reports

Vector-Borne Infectious Disease Summaries

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